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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

PennHip Radiographs

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we also offer PennHip radiographs for your pet's needs.

PennHip radiographing is a technique that was created by the University of Pennsylvania and uses the calculated “distraction index” to determine the level of hip joint laxity as compared to other members of the breed. This allows us to determine how likely your pet is to have canine hip dysplasia (CHD) later in life. Therefore, we can take preventative measures early in life (whether surgical or medical management) which can help prevent your baby from developing severe arthritis as they age. PennHip radiographs can be performed on puppies as early as 16 weeks of age, and they have been proven to be significantly more sensitive in detecting hip dysplasia than OFA radiographs. Canine hip dysplasia is heritable. Therefore, by selecting only dogs that have tighter hips than the breed average, breeders have the advantage to help the overall breed have tighter hips from one generation to the next.