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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center


Regular grooming is essential to the maintenance of your pet's health. Keep your pet smelling and looking attractive, prevent parasites, and skin irritations.

Let Us Pamper Your Pet

We know that grooming your pet at home can be stressful and challenging. This is why we have a full-service pet grooming salon that offers high-quality grooming services. Whether you prefer for your pet to be groomed by a professional, you need a pet groomed for a special event, or your pet has anxiety surrounding grooming, our staff has you and your pet covered.

Standard Grooming Services

From bathing, to nail trimming and haircuts, we offer a full range of grooming services. These grooming services are designed for pets without anxiety or health conditions who need some pampering.

Bathing & Styling

In addition to our standard grooming services, we offer expanded bathing and styling services. Our bathing and styling services are great for show animals as well as animals with thick, difficult-to-manage coats.

Grooming Anxiety

Some pets experience grooming anxiety. At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we’re familiar with techniques to help your pet feel less anxiety about grooming. We keep your pet relaxed and happy during their grooming experience.

We Value Relationships With Pets and Their Owners

We take pride in providing the highest quality to services to each pet that enters our salon, but we also take pride in the relationships we build with pets and their owners. We do our best to ensure the facility is a stress-free environment where your pet can relax and where pet parents can know that their pet is safe. One of the ways we make sure each pet has a positive grooming experience is through getting to know the pet’s owner. This allows us to learn about any medical needs the pet may have, what type of grooming service they need, and it gives us the opportunity to learn about your pet’s personality and demeanor.

Ready to pamper your pet?

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