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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center


No matter where you’re going, or where you’re coming from, rest assured that our priority is keeping your furry friend happy, healthy and safe.

Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Even pet owners need to travel sometimes, whether it’s for a relaxing vacation, a business trip, or just a quick getaway. Unfortunately, you can’t always bring your pets with you when traveling. This is where Lafayette Veterinary Care Center steps in. We offer a large, state of the art boarding facility that can accommodate up to 150 pets, so there is sure to always be space for your dog or cat.

Rest assured that our boarding facility is staffed with a team of highly experienced pet care specialists. Your pet will receive exceptional care and attention throughout their stay with us. We take pride in our staff's expertise in handling anxious pets and ensuring their safety and comfort at all times. You can trust us to provide a secure and nurturing environment for your furry companion.

Safety is of the utmost importance here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. All pets who stay at our facility must be up to date on their vaccinations and be free of fleas, ticks, and other pests. Our veterinarians make sure to examine each pet to ensure they don’t bring any ailments or parasites into the facility. Additionally, the entire facility is sanitized regularly. You can rest assured that your pet will stay healthy and happy at our facility.

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Standard Boarding Package

Our standard boarding package includes up to three daily meals, free-choice water and plenty of love. The basic condos at our boarding facility include large indoor/outdoor kennels that are great for active pets. This budget-friendly option is great for pets.

Luxury Boarding Package

Our luxury boarding package includes up to three daily meals, free-choice water and lots of affection. The luxury suites at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center include a private yard, a plush bed, and a television. This package is great for pets who are used to living a luxurious lifestyle and may not be as active or social as other pets.

Geriatric Boarding

We offer geriatric boarding for senior pets. Older pets are housed in a quiet, private wing of the facility that includes a private exercise area. As with our other packages, senior pets will receive up to three daily meals, free-choice water, and lots of love. Additionally, senior pets are given one leash walk each day. If our team notices that your pet can benefit from more than one walk a day, we will pencil them in for more than one walk (at no extra charge!).


Recreation is an important part of keeping boarded pets happy and anxiety-free. For our pups, our facility includes two outside play yards at the resort for siblings to let some of their energy out, and for our feline friends, one indoor play room.