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Lafayette Pricing Guide

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center accepts cash & all major credit cards including Care Credit. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

Office Visit and Comprehensive Exam Fee - $87.91

*Call for details and current specials on first Puppy or Kitten visit costs

Annual Wellness Exam & Standard Vaccines

Dog*: $233.89

Cat**: $171.39

*Includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella vaccines and Canine Influenza Virus, Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag.

**Includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, FELV, and FVRCP vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag


Canine Condo: $38.00 (2nd pet, same space - add $32 / 3rd pet, same space - add $27)

Canine Suite: $48.00 (2nd pet, same space - add $42 / 3rd pet, same space - add $37)

Feline Condo: $20.00 (No multi-pet, same space discounts)


Kitty Daycare : $15.00 per day

Doggie Daycare : $23.00 per day

Doggies Daycare Discount Packages

10 Punch Daycare: $220.00

20 Punch Daycare: $420.00

30 Punch Daycare: $600.00

60 Punch Daycare: $1,140.00

Play Time

Dogs: $11.00

Cats: $5.00

Snacks: $5.00

Treadmill Exercise: $11.00

Outpatient Procedures

Teeth Cleaning - Dogs: $344.98 - $402.52

Teeth Cleaning - Cats: $240.69 - $298.23

*variance is for full mouth dental x-rays

Spaying - Dog: $347.44

Spaying - Cats: $279.10

Neutering - Dog: $292.25

Neutering - Cat: $173.72

Microchipping: $64.57

All procedure fees include pre-anesthetic exam, bloodwork, IV fluids, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, pain management, post-operative laser therapy, and post-operative care and hospitalization. All quoted prices are for routine care and are subject to change based on individual care needs.

Pet Spa Packages

1-30 lbs.

Short Coats: $32.00

Long Coats: $42.00

31-75 lbs.

Short Coats: $42.00

Long Coats: $52.00

75 lbs. +

Short Coats: $52.00

Long Coats: $62.00

Nail Trim: $16.00

Nail Trim & Polishing: $22.00

Grooming and Haircuts: Available by Quote


Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. It’s risk-free, friendly and makes it easy to get the care you need.



Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offers CareCredit as a payment option. CareCredit allows you to make convenient monthly payments to cover your pet’s healthcare needs.


ICare Payment Plans

If you need help financing your pet’s health care, this simple payment plan can be tailored to you. Everyone is approved instantly with no credit check. Only 30% down required on the day of service. Call our office to start your application.