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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Lafayette Pricing Guide

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center accepts cash & all major credit cards including Care Credit. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

Office Visit and Comprehensive Exam Fee - $91.87

*Call for details and current specials on first Puppy or Kitten visit costs

Annual Wellness Exam & Standard Vaccines

Dog*: $239.59

Cat**: $174.74

*Includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella vaccines and Canine Influenza Virus, Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag.

**Includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, FELV, and FVRCP vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag


Canine Condo: $42.00 (2nd pet, same space - add $35 / 3rd pet, same space - add $30)

Canine Suite: $54.00 (2nd pet, same space - add $47 / 3rd pet, same space - add $41)

Feline Condo: $26.00 (No multi-pet, same space discounts)


Doggie Daycare : $26.00 per day

Doggies Daycare Discount Packages

10 Punch Daycare: $250.00

20 Punch Daycare: $480.00

30 Punch Daycare: $690.00

60 Punch Daycare: $1,320.00

Play Time

Dogs: $11.00

Cats: $8.00

Snacks: $5.00

Outpatient Procedures

Teeth Cleaning - Dogs: $440.11

Teeth Cleaning - Cats: $326.24

Spaying - Dog: $379.34

Spaying - Cats: $304.73

Neutering - Dog: $319.07

Neutering - Cat: $189.66

Microchipping: $50.51

All procedure fees include pre-anesthetic exam, bloodwork, IV fluids, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, pain management, post-operative laser therapy, and post-operative care and hospitalization. All quoted prices are for routine care and are subject to change based on individual care needs.

Pet Spa Packages

1-30 lbs.

Short Coats: $38.00

Long Coats: $48.00

31-75 lbs.

Short Coats: $48.00

Long Coats: $58.00

75 lbs. +

Short Coats: $58.00

Long Coats: $68.00

Nail Trim: $16.00

Nail Trim & Polishing: $25.00

Grooming and Haircuts: Available by Quote


Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. It’s risk-free, friendly and makes it easy to get the care you need.



Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offers CareCredit as a payment option. CareCredit allows you to make convenient monthly payments to cover your pet’s healthcare needs.