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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Acupuncture Therapy

Dr. Guidry performing Acupuncture on brown lab

Acupuncture therapy has been practiced for over 2000 years and found to be beneficial for numerous different diseases in both humans and animals. I find that there has been skepticism regarding the practice previously; however, we are seeing more and more scientific data published supporting the use of acupuncture for our patients.

Acupuncture is the utilization of very small, sterile needles that are placed into specific “points” over the body to stimulate blood flow and circulation, nerve function and regeneration, and boost immune response. The combination of these physiologic effects results in pain relief, relaxation, improved blood circulation, increased mobility, and improved immune response.

I specialize in integrative veterinary medicine with a particular focus on pain relief in pets suffering from arthritis or immobility from previous orthopedic injuries. I also treat pets that have been paralyzed from slipped discs that have either had back surgery or have not been candidates for surgical repair for one reason or another.

Integrative veterinary medicine is the practice of conventional veterinary medicine with the addition of alternative therapies such as acupuncture and laser to provide each patient with essentially the best of both worlds. Most patients benefit from having a treatment plan that incorporates surgery (if needed), medical management, diet, physical therapy, and acupuncture and/or laser therapy to achieve the best outcomes.

Dr. Guidry smiling with dog

Ali Guidry DVM, CVA

Dr. Ali Guidry pursued additional training in acupuncture during her third year in veterinary school. She completed the CHI Institute’s small animal acupuncture course and graduated from LSU in 2017 as both a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist. She has been practicing for 6 years and finds joy in being able to provide one more treatment to help alleviate her patients' pain and improve their mobility.