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Sleep Training…Your Cat? Yes!

A sleep cat laying down

This is because cats are crepuscular, meaning they are animals who are naturally more active at dawn and dusk. That transitional time between nightfall and daylight is your cat’s time of greatest activity and when he most wants to hunt, play, eat, and cuddle. In other words, these are the times, he wants you to engage!

Not so into that schedule? Here’s What You Can Do :

  • Be sure to do everything possible to keep your cat stimulated during the daytime so boredom doesn’t result in oversleeping and then excessive activity during inappropriate times.

  • Active, vigorous play before you head to bed can help your cat sleep better through the night. This is especially important for kittens.

  • Don’t get out of bed and feed or play with your cat because they’ll learn that pestering you pays off. Alternatively, if you try to stay in bed and ignore your cat and then get up only when you’ve reached your limit, it will make your cat determined to continue that behavior. The only way to stop this particularly frustrating feline behavior is to never—either accidentally or intentionally—reinforce it.