About Us

Welcome to Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

We are a full-service veterinary animal hospital and pet resort. We offer an array of services, including wellness and preventive care, surgery, reproductive services, house calls, boarding, training, and more. Our practice has grown over the years from two to eleven doctors, and we are now the largest veterinary practice in six parishes We are a large group with multiple talents, and we foster a collaborative environment to ensure your pets receive the best care possible.

24-Hour Service

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, our veterinary services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your pet gets the care they need when they need it. Whether it’s time for your pet’s annual exam, you experience a pet emergency, or you need to bring your pet in for a dental cleaning, our services are offered anytime.

Highest Quality Care

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service possible at no extra cost. We blend quality with commitment. We are committed to ensuring each and every pet under our care is as healthy and happy as they possibly can be. We also do our best to ensure each pet parent is happy with the service they receive at our clinic.

Locally Focused

The veterinarians at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center are from the area and are familiar with the unique needs that come with living in Lafayette and the surrounding communities. Additionally, our veterinarians call this place home just as much as you do, so they are invested in providing the highest quality care they can to their neighbors.

Certifications and Accreditations