What is Wellness?

Keep your pet happy and healthy with a wellness package from Lafayette Veterinary Care Center.


At our hospital, vaccinations are included as part of the wellness package. This means that your pet will receive all necessary vaccinations for their age, species, and breed as part of their regular wellness exams. We offer vaccinations as part of our wellness package, because we are committed to preventing illness and disease in your pet.

Wellness Exam

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we know that wellness is an important aspect of a happy life. That’s why we offer extremely thorough wellness exams as part of our wellness package. Each wellness exam administered at our facility will include vaccinations, a dermatological inspection, a parasite check, an orthopedic inspection, bloodwork, and a full chemistry panel. Best of all, the bloodwork and chemistry results are delivered while you wait, and the entire visit should take about 30 minutes.

Why Wellness is Important

Routine wellness care is important for all pets, no matter their age, size, breed or species. The goal of regular wellness care is to ensure nothing has gone wrong with your pet’s health. Early detection of disease, infection, or injury is key in making sure your pet lives a healthy life, and our in-depth wellness exams are designed to do just that.

Life Plans

Wellness care should not be a hassle for pet parents. This is why we offer life plans. While these are not included in the wellness package, life plans are breed-specific guidelines that help pet parents make decisions about their pet’s nutrition, activity level, and other aspects of your pet’s health. Additionally, life plans at our clinic can help you save money on costs, making them convenient for pet parents on a budget.

What Makes Our Clinic Unique

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we provide the highest level of service available. We are committed to quality customer service and veterinary care without the hefty price tag. Additionally, our clinic is always open. This means we can care for your pet whenever is most convenient for you. Our staff is comprised of a large group of veterinarians, nurses, and other staff members who are all committed to providing you with the best veterinary care possible. We work collaboratively to make sure your pet receives high quality care and you receive high quality service.