Senior Pet Care

Care for Your Pet Throughout Their Golden Years

Pets age more quickly than humans do. Around the age of seven, most pets enter their golden years. During your pet’s senior years, they should see the vet every six months. With regular veterinary care, we will be able to catch health issues quickly and treat them.

Aging pets need to visit the vet more often than other pets.

Wellness Exams

Our in-depth wellness exams ensure your senior pet stays as healthy as possible by catching health issues early and treating them quickly. These wellness exams include a parasite check, bloodwork, a dermatological inspection, an orthopedic check, and a full chemistry panel.


Pain Management

Because aging pets are likely to develop chronic health conditions or experience joint pain, it’s important that you develop a plan to manage your pet’s pain. The veterinarian can help you create a plan for managing your pet’s pain.


Dietary Counseling

If your senior pet is overweight, they are likely to experience more pain and discomfort, especially joint pain. Additionally, pets with chronic illness will need to be on specialized diets to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need and are staying as healthy as possible.



Senior pets are more likely than younger pets to develop arthritis and joint problems or otherwise lose their mobility. Your vet can help you develop a plan to manage your pet’s joint pain, and they can give you advice for the best ways to make your home more accessible to your aging pet.


Chronic Illness

Senior pets are more prone to chronic illness than younger pets. Luckily, our veterinarians are trained in reducing the painful effects of chronic diseases like kidney disease, cancer, and heart disease. We will help you develop a plan for treating or managing your pet’s condition.


Life Plans

Our life plans aren’t just for young pets; we offer life plans for pets well into their golden years. The life plans at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center are breed-specific and personalized for each pet to cater to their unique needs.


Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention is especially important for aging pets, as their immune systems are not as strong as they used to be. Keeping your pet on a preventive medication is vital to their health as they age.


Hospice and Palliative Care

When it comes time for end of life care, Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offers in-home hospice and palliative care. We are dedicated to make sure your pet’s life is as enjoyable as possible, from beginning to end.