Puppy & Kitten Care

Starting Your Pet’s Life Off on the Right Paw

Your pet’s first visit to the vet is the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with your veterinarian and learn about the best ways to care for your pet. Before your visit, make sure to collect any records you may have and bring them with you.

Regular veterinary care is integral to a healthy life.

Physical Examination

During your pet’s first visit, we will perform a thorough physical examination. This exam includes an orthopedic inspection, a parasite check, and a dermatological inspection. Our wellness exams are the most thorough in the business, so you can trust that your pet is getting the best care possible.



Vaccination will be part of your pet’s first few vet visits. Kittens will receive their rabies shot, along with FeLV and FVRCP vaccinations. Puppies receive vaccinations for rabies, bordetella, DHPP, influenza, and leptospirosis. Vaccinations cannot be administered all in one visit, because it is recommended that puppies and kittens receive each vaccination at different ages.


Parasite Prevention

The veterinarian will advise you on the best ways to prevent parasites. First, we will check to make sure that your pet doesn’t already have a parasite infestation. If your pet already has worms or external parasites, we will give them a dewormer or flea and tick medication. If your pet is parasite free, we will put them on a preventive medication.



If your pet is not already microchipped, we will be happy to insert a microchip for you. The purpose of microchipping your pet is to ensure their safety should they escape from your home. When they’re picked up, the animal shelter or veterinarian will be able to scan your pet’s microchip and get in contact with you to return your pet.


Life Plans

The initial puppy or kitten visit is a great time to talk with the veterinarian about putting your pet on a life plan. At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we offer more than 50 breed-specific life plans, each one tailored to the unique needs of your pet. Our life plans are a great way to ensure your pet lives their best possible life and stays as healthy as possible.