Nutritional Counseling

We Make Sure Your Pet Receives Proper Nutrition

Ensuring your pet receives proper nutrition is a big responsibility, and it is often one that can be a source of stress for many pet parents. At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we offer nutritional counseling services to help pet parents make the right decisions about their pet’s diet. Our pet nutritionists help pet parents know what type of food their pet needs as well as how much and how often.

Let the staff at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center care for your pet in their time of need

Why is nutritional counseling necessary?

A Lifelong Pet Plan for Every Dog and Cat

Although being in charge of your pet’s nutrition may seem overwhelming, the pet nutritionists at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center are here to help you help your pet. We are dedicated to helping your pet live their happiest and healthiest life. Our expert advice will help you achieve and maintain the best possible nutrition for your beloved pet.