Wellness and Routine Care

What is Wellness?

Routine wellness care is key to a happy, healthy life for your pet. At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, our wellness exams are extremely in-depth, including vaccinations, a full chemistry panel, a parasite check, a dermatological inspection, bloodwork, and an orthopedic examination. Our thorough physical examinations ensure your pet stays healthy by catching any potential health issues early and addressing them. Plus, we are always happy to see you and your pet.

Is it time for your pet’s annual check-up?

Because we are open 24/7, we can conduct your pet’s examination at whatever time fits best into your schedule.


Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and kitten care is unique and different from care for adult pets. Our veterinarians are trained in helping your young pets start their life off on the right paw with vaccinations, nutritional counseling, and life plans.


Senior Care

Caring for older pets is much more involved than care for young adult pets, as senior pets tend to have more health issues. With nutritional counseling, life plans, and wellness exams from Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, you can easily care for your aging dog or cat.


Parasite Prevention

Keeping your pets parasite free is important in keeping them healthy. Vaccinations and regular preventive medication will ensure your pets don’t contract internal or external parasites.


Nutritional Counseling

Our clinic helps pet parents make healthy choices about their pet’s nutrition so they can live their happiest and healthiest lives. Our nutritional plans take into account food allergies, breed needs, age, and size requirements.


Life Plans

Taking care of your pet’s health is a lifelong endeavor. For this reason, our clinic offers personalized life plans for your pet. These life plans help you save on veterinary costs while keeping your pet as healthy as possible.