Veterinary Surgery

Full Service Surgical Care for Your Pet

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, our number one concern is the well-being of your pet. For this reason, we take every precaution available and closely monitor your pet before, during and after surgery to ensure they stay safe, stable and healthy.

Our Surgical Suite

The surgical suite at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is designed with pet comfort and wellbeing in mind. For this reason, it is equipped with two heated surgery tables as well as a CO2 laser unit. Our surgeons work in conjunction with highly trained nurses in order to monitor your pet’s temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, CO2 levels, EKG and heart rate throughout the surgery.

Common Veterinary Surgeries Performed

We offer an array of veterinary surgeries here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, ranging from routine spays and neuters to more serious surgeries.

Spays and Neuters

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we perform laparoscopic spays and neuters. These procedures are minimally invasive, meaning your pet experiences less pain and recovers more quickly.

Orthopedic Surgery

Surgeries on muscles and bones are serious procedures. Luckily, we offer state of the art equipment and top of the line care, so your pet has a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Dental Surgery

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, our trained surgeons are experienced in a number of dental surgical procedures, from tooth extractions to abscess removals, ensuring your pet’s teeth stay healthy.


AAHA Accreditation

Our facility is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. This means that Lafayette Veterinary Care Center uses only the highest quality equipment and provides state of the art care to the pets who visit us. Thanks to our status as an accredited animal hospital, you can rest assured that your pet is in the best hands possible when they need surgery. The American Animal Hospital Association has high standards for veterinary surgical care, and our ongoing accreditation ensures we meet or exceed these standards in every area.