Reproductive Services

Helping You Extend Your Pet’s Lineage

We know that breeding your pets is important to you, especially if you breed animals for show. That’s why we offer a full range of reproductive services designed to help you extend your pet’s lineage.

Our reproductive services are designed to help ease the stress that comes along with breeding pets. Because our veterinarians are experts in reproductive care for pets, you can rest assured that your pets are in the best hands possible.

Let the staff at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center care for your pet in their time of need

Pre-Breeding Evaluations

We offer pre-breeding evaluations to make sure your pet is healthy enough to reproduce and to help find a mate that is a good match.

Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is great for pets who have struggled to conceive with a mate. It can indicate any potential problems that may arise when attempting to breed your pets.

Hormonal Assessments

Hormonal assessments are great for determining ideal breeding dates. We can also monitor your pet’s hormone levels throughout pregnancy to make sure they are healthy

Mismate Management

if you have two pets you’d like to breed who just aren’t a good match for each other, we can help you manage this. Typically, we handle mismates through artificial insemination.

Cesarean Sections

Sometimes birthing a litter doesn’t go as planned or is rife with complications. For this reason we offer both planned and unplanned cesarean sections for pets.

Artificial Insemination

Often, artificial insemination is the best way to impregnate a female pet. This doesn’t require matching mates, and doesn’t require that mates get along. Additionally, we can ship semen to other veterinarians and breeders in Louisiana.

Overnight Whelping Observation

When your pet is ready to give birth, we are here to help. While most pets know exactly what to do when the time comes to give birth, we offer overnight observation just in case something goes wrong.

Infertility Diagnostics

If you have had difficulty in extending your pet’s bloodline, we can help through semen analysis and hormonal assessments.