Pain Management

Chronic and Acute Pain Relief

At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we take your pet’s pain seriously. We believe that no pet should have to remain in pain, and, as such, we do everything in our power to ensure your pet’s pain is managed well. There are two types of pain: chronic pain and acute pain.

Let the staff at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center care for your pet in their time of need

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is ongoing pain that often has no cure. Pets with arthritis, elderly pets, and pets with other chronic illnesses are likely to have chronic pain. Pain management for chronic pain involves regular visits to the vet, at-home medication and, sometimes, the implementation of mobility devices.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is any pain that occurs as the result of an injury or treatable condition. Pets with acute pain may experience pain as the result of an injury, disease, or a veterinary operation. Pain management for acute pain requires that pet parents keep track of their pet’s pain and treat it with medication and physical therapy.

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we offer an array of services to help manage your pet’s pain. Talking with your veterinarian will ensure you are able to find the right treatment or combination of treatments to ensure your pet stays as healthy and pain-free as possible.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a common pain management resource for pets. This treatment works by sending photons into tissue and starting a process which helps your pet’s cells repair themselves more efficiently. At our clinic, we use a Class IV Cold Laser to conduct laser therapy. One benefit of using this type of laser is that pets often feel a sense of relief and comfort during their laser therapy session.

Life Plans

Life plans are individualized health plans for your pet. Signing your pet up for a life plan is a great way to prevent pain and manage pain should it arise. Our life plans are breed-specific, focus on screening and prevention, and help keep the cost of veterinary care affordable. The goal of our life plans is to help your pets live better, whether they simply need regular checkups or they need regular pain management.

Physical Rehabilitation

We also offer physical rehabilitation here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. Whether your pet experiences chronic or acute pain, our staff is trained in helping your pet feel better. Physical rehabilitation is most often used to treat acute pain and speed up the healing process after a surgery or injury. However, it can aid in the management of chronic pain as well.

Nutritional Counseling

Making sure your pet’s diet is healthy is another great way to manage pain. If your pet has food allergies or sensitivities or dental problems, they are likely to be in pain from eating. Luckily, our veterinarians offer great insight into your pet’s diet and can help you adjust it so that your pet can live pain-free.