Blood Banking

Blood Donors Save Lives

Blood Banking at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we have 13 regular blood donors that donate both blood and plasma. Our facility always has a large stock of blood and plasma in the case of a pet needing a transfusion. Because we have such a large number of donors, we have every type of blood.

As the largest veterinary practice in six parishes and the only one that has a blood donation program, we can ship blood to veterinary hospitals in the surrounding areas as well.

Blood Banking Basics

Should Your Pet Become a Blood Donor?

Having your pet become a blood donor is a great way to save lives. Your pet is a good fit for being a blood donor if they are:

  • Healthy – We will perform a thorough examination of your pet and conduct labwork and a full chemistry panel before clearing your pet to become a blood donor. Pets who have infections, parasites, or communicable diseases should not be donors.
  • Not Pregnant – Pregnant pets are not a good fit for being donors. Additionally, once a pet has produced a litter, they should not become a blood donor.
  • Vaccinated – It is very important that your pet be vaccinated before becoming a blood donor. This prevents the spread of disease, infection, and parasites.