Medical Services at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Emergency and Critical Care

When your pet experiences an emergency, the team here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is prepared to care for them. Our state of the art facility is well equipped to handle any pet emergencies you may experience, and our skilled team is capable of taking care of your pet when they need it most.

Let the staff at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center care for your pet in their time of need


Our surgical suite includes two heated surgical tables as well as a CO2 laser, and our in-house lab makes pre-anesthetic labwork a breeze. Plus, our staff is highly trained and well equipped to perform your pet’s surgery.


Internal Medicine

When something goes wrong with your pet’s health, you can rely on the veterinarians at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center to diagnose and treat your pet. At our clinic, we offer top of the line diagnostic tools 24/7, so we can get to the bottom of your pet’s health issue quickly.


Lab Testing

Our hospital offers offers a full range laboratory. Bloodwork, chemistry panels, and pre-anesthetic labwork can all be completed easily and quickly at our clinic. Plus, the lab is staffed with skilled technicians so you can be sure that all results are accurate.



Ultrasound examinations are great for diagnosing internal issues with your pet’s health. This radiation-free and completely risk-free diagnostic tool is available 24/7 here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, so your pet gets the care they need.


Pain Management

From physical therapy, to laser therapy and nutritional counseling, our state of the art diagnostic tools ensure that our vets can find the cause of your pet’s pain and treat it more effectively.


Laser Therapy

Therapeutic laser is a great procedure for managing your pet’s pain, whether it be chronic or acute. Laser therapy works by minimizing inflammation and stimulating cell repair.


Endoscopy & Laparoscopy

These minimally invasive procedures are great for diagnosing issues of internal medicine and for performing surgeries that heal quickly.


Blood Banking

One of the most unique services at our clinic. With blood banking, we always have blood on hand in the case of a pet needing a transfusion or another local vet needing blood for transfusions.


Reproductive Services

From sperm banking to artificial insemination and cesarean sections, our clinic offers a full range of reproductive services. In fact, we are one of southwest Louisiana’s premier reproductive centers.



Every year, 10 million pets get lost. When your pet is microchipped, veterinarians and shelters that may pick up your pet will be able to identify you as the owner and return your pet to you safely.


Hospice & Euthanasia

We know that caring for your pet near the end of their life can be a challenge. This is why we offer in-home hospice and palliative care as well as euthanasia. Allow us to help you through this difficult time.


House Calls

For pets with mobility challenges or vet-related anxiety, we offer house calls. While house calls do require a consultation, we are happy to perform them, especially for pets who need hospice care or euthanasia.