Exotic Pet Care

We Care for All Creatures

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we love all pets, no matter their species. For this reason, we offer pet care to birds, small reptiles, and small mammals such as rabbits and ferrets. We are dedicated to helping your pets live their healthiest lives.

Unfortunately, our exotic pet services are not available 24/7 at this time. Walk-ins for exotic pets are not accepted. If your exotic pet is feeling under the weather or experiencing an emergency, call our clinic to make sure the exotic pet doctor is in.

Keep Your Exotic Pet Healthy by Booking a Wellness Appointment

Wellness Care

Our primary exotic pet care service is wellness care. Routine medical care is necessary for all pets, not just dogs and cats. As such, we offer a full range of wellness services to exotic pets that includes vaccinations, wellness exams, dentistry, and age-specific care. We recommend that your pet comes in for annual visits so you can stay on top of your pet’s health and detect any issues as quickly as possible.

Sick Pet Care and Emergencies

When your pet isn’t feeling well, feel free to bring them into our hospital for a checkup. Our exotic pet doctor is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating exotic pets with health issues as well as handling emergencies. As an added bonus, your exotic pet will have access to all of our state of the art diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound, laser therapy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, and our in-house laboratory.

Education and Consultations

In addition to medical and wellness care, our exotic pet specialist is happy to educate pet parents on the best ways to care for their pet. If you need some guidance in caring for your pet, whether it be making dietary decisions or making the decision to spay or neuter your friend, our vet is happy to give you advice.


We also offer boarding for small, caged exotic pets. Pet parents must provide the cage and all supplies, but we are happy to board your pet here.

Surgical Capabilities

We also offer surgical services to the exotic pets here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. From spays and neuters to more serious surgeries after an injury, our team can take great care of your pet.