Veterinary Services

Let the staff at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center care for your pet in their time of need

Emergency Services

When pet emergencies arise, you need a team of dedicated veterinary professionals who are available to help your pet in their time of need. The team here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is highly experienced in handling pet emergencies and does so with compassion and precision. Plus, our clinic is open 24/7, which means we can care for your pet whenever they need it.


Medical Services

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offers an array of medical services for your pets, ranging from surgery and internal medicine to reproductive services, microchipping, and lab testing. Our highly expert veterinarians use top of the line medical technology to ensure your pets receive the best veterinary care possible. No matter your pet’s medical needs, we’ve got them covered.


Wellness & Routine

We take pet wellness seriously at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. Wellness care plays an integral role in keeping your pets happy and healthy through early detection of health issues and prevention of disease. We offer a wide array of wellness services, from basic vaccinations and parasite prevention to more in-depth services like nutritional counseling, life plans, and age-specific care.


Dental Care

Dental issues are one of the most common health problems pets face, and they can affect your pet’s internal organs, like the heart and lungs. Because it’s so important to take care of your pet’s teeth, we offer regular dental exams to make sure your pet’s pearly whites stay clean and healthy. Additionally, we offer guidance to pet parents on how to take care of their pet’s dental health at home.



Vaccinating your pet plays an integral role in ensuring they live a long, healthy life. As such, we offer a full range of vaccinations for both dogs and cats, so your pets get to live their best and healthiest lives. Vaccinations are offered as part of our wellness package, so your pet will receive all necessary vaccinations for their age, species, and breed as part of their regular wellness exams.


Home Delivery

We offer an online and in-person pharmacy and pet health store. While the in-person pharmacy is always fully stocked and each product handled with care, the online pharmacy can ship medication and other health essentials directly to your home, thus lowering the price of your pet’s medication. Additionally, we offer auto-shipping for refillable medications and free shipping on large orders.


Exotic Pet Care

Here at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we care for all creatures, no matter their species. Our clinic is capable of providing care for small reptiles, birds, and small mammals, such as rabbits and ferrets. Our exotic pet care services include wellness care, sick pet and emergency care, surgery, and boarding. Exotic pet care services are currently available by appointment only.