Training Services

Helping You Raise Well-Mannered Pets

Do you have a dog that pulls you on walks or loves to jump on everyone they meet? Lafayette Veterinary Care Center proudly offers pet training designed to teach you how to encourage good manners and discourage the bad behaviors while helping your dog develop healthy habits that will make visits to the vet, trims with our groomers, and everyday life as easy as a walk in the park. We have a selection of programs aimed to help you and your dog get started on the right paw. With the use of positive training methods, the manners your dog will learn are sure to last.

Training takes commitment and can be challenging when correcting unwanted behavior, so we make training as simple and convenient as possible. From in-home private lessons to board and train at our facility, our certified trainer can point you in the right direction as to which option will work best for your family and beloved canine companion.

Do you need help training your pet? Contact us to schedule a training session today!

In-Home Private Training

Private lessons come with a unique training plan tailored to meet your goals. They are for those individuals who just can’t seem to sharpen those manners or those who are looking for basic manners in the comfort of your own home. Behaviors such as jumping on people, pulling on leash, or not listening when called will be a problem of the past.

Behavior Modification

These sessions are one on one with our certified trainer to help those families who are struggling with behavioral problems such as barking at new people or dogs, separation anxiety, aggressive behaviors on leash, confidence building in shy/fearful dogs, and much more!

Boarding & Training

Our boarding facility offers the opportunity to have your dog trained while they are staying in the lap of luxury. We have weekly options available for you to choose from as well as the ability to choose what you would like for your pup to accomplish during their stay.

We Build Relationships

An important aspect of dog training is developing strong relationships between humans and their canines. Communication is imperative to the training process and we will do our best to help you establish clear boundaries for your four-legged family member in the most effective way possible. With the use of positive techniques, we can help you and your pup build a stronger bond that is sure to last a lifetime.