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Marketing Assistant



Marketing Assistant


LVCC Member since 2024

Favorite part of the job: Feeling so welcomed by this amazing team! From day one, I've never felt out of place. Everyone has been so kind, helpful, and fun to be around! 

Pets: We have a little farm! 

We have a mixed flock of 16 hens and a rooster named Sunny

A quarter horse, named Flash

A miniature horse, named Smokey Ranger (who thinks he's more dog than horse!)

An Anatolian Pyrenees, named Cub

A pit bull, named Nana 

And a little herd of cattle: Hank (Hereford Santa Gertrudis) who will be our main bull, Ginger (Charolais Angus) and her bull calf that was born last year, and Nina (Hereford Beefmaster).  

Hobbies: Anything outdoors with my family on our little humble farm. It's our little piece of Heaven!

I love reading and writing, cooking, and gardening, and have dabbled with liberty training with my horse, Flash. 

I enjoy trying to make at least one Astros game a year with my crew, and target practicing/hunting and dirtbike riding have been my normal for the past few months as I follow along with our kiddos' dreams.