Standard Grooming

Pamper Your Pet at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Because grooming at home can be dangerous and challenging, our facility has a full-service grooming salon. Our grooming salon includes bathing, nail trimming and other grooming services. We deliver friendly service in addition to high quality grooming.

Ready to pamper your pet?


From slippery floors, to water that is the wrong temperature, bathing pets at home can be a hassle. This is why Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offers full-service bathing options. Whether your pet needs a basic or medicated bath, we’ve got you covered. You can rest assured that your pet will leave our grooming salon looking, feeling, and smelling their best.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your pet’s nails is a vital part of caring for their safety and well-being. Additionally, trimming your pet’s nails prevents scratching and damage to your home or furniture. Despite the benefits of trimming your pet’s nails, dogs and cats tend to be uncomfortable with the procedure. Because of this, pet owners can get scratched and pets can get hurt. Our professional groomers make sure your pet is at ease in our facility so no injury or pain occurs.


In addition to bathing and nail trimming, we offer high quality grooming services. Our staff is full of trained groomers, so we can professionally cut your pet’s hair in a variety of styles. When your pet needs a new look or their hair gets too long and shaggy, bring them in and our professional groomers will trim their fur for you. At-home grooming is dangerous, because scissors and shears are sharp.

We Value Relationships With Pets and Their Owners

We take great pride in providing the highest quality services to each pet that enters our salon. Our staff does its best to ensure that the facility is a stress-free environment where pets can relax and enjoy being groomed. One of the ways we make sure your pet has the best possible experience at our facility is by getting acquainted with the pet’s owner. This way, we are able to learn of any medical needs your pet may have, what type of grooming service they need and learn a little bit about the pet’s personality and demeanor.