Grooming Anxiety

Helping Your Pet Feel Relaxed at the Grooming Salon

It is very common for pets to have anxiety surrounding grooming. It is important to reduce your pet’s anxiety about grooming for the sake of your pet’s mental health. Luckily, there are a few methods available that can greatly reduce your pet’s grooming anxiety.

Need help reducing your pet’s anxiety?

Behavior Modification

This is the best long-term option for reducing your pet’s grooming anxiety. With this process, we work with you to desensitize your pet to grooming stress. We begin by bringing your pet to the salon and providing them with lots of affection and treats without ever bringing out the clippers. Over time, as your pet begins to associate the grooming salon with positive things, they will be more comfortable being groomed.


Sedation is another option for reducing your pet’s stress levels at the grooming salon. With this option, a veterinarian will administer a sedative to your pet and we will groom them while they are asleep. With this option, your pet won’t have to experience any anxiety at all at the grooming salon. However, we do not recommend this option for long term use, as behavior modification is much more effective in the long run.


Anti-anxiety medication is another option for reducing your pet’s grooming anxiety. With this method, you will simply need to administer anti-anxiety medication prior to arriving at the grooming salon, and it will calm your pet down enough so that they can be groomed. At your next vet appointment, talk to the doctor about what options there are for reducing your pet’s grooming anxiety.

We Value Relationships With Pets and Their Owners

While we value relationships with all pets and their owners, it is especially important for our staff to build friendly, reliable relationships with pets who have grooming anxiety. Because anxiety can lead to other conditions, it is important for pet parents to alert the staff of a pet’s anxiety so we can treat it early on.