Bathing & Styling

Grooming and Styling for Beautiful Pets

Our professional grooming team uses a bathing system that penetrates your pet’s thick, second undercoat to flush dead hair and dirt from the skin, leaving a clean pet who looks and smells great. Additionally, this acts as a de-shedding treatment that shortens their time in the tub.

Ready to pamper your pet?


Dental care is an integral part of your pet’s overall hygiene. Our salon offers a full range of dental services and our groomers can help you develop an at-home dental care routine to ensure your pet’s teeth stay healthy and their breath stays fresh.


Pets love the therapeutic hydro-massage system we use to bathe them, and they often remain relaxed throughout their visit. Plus, baths at our salon feature a double conditioning treatment that leaves any coat silky and smooth for weeks.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming should be part of every pet’s grooming routine. Because overgrown, sharp nails are uncomfortable and can pose a danger to people and other pets, it’s important to make sure that your pet’s nails are clean and trimmed.


Our groomers understand that pet parents may opt to style their pet’s coat in a particular way. We work with owners to ensure their pet gets the best cut for their breed, size, and shape so your pet looks the best they can.

We Value Relationships With Pets and Their Owners

Our staff takes great pride in providing pets and their parents with the highest quality grooming services available. One of the ways we ensure pets receive the best quality care at our facility is through building relationships with pet parents. Not only do we truly value these relationships, becoming acquainted with pet parents alerts our staff to any medical conditions your pet may have, gives us a better idea of what type of grooming service they need and allows us to learn a little bit about the pet’s personality and demeanor.