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We only send records out of our practice by your direct request following each visit. Without this, we do not send records to your previous or primary veterinarian automatically. Please be aware that we now offer formal estimates or treatment plans for all services by request. Please ask our staff if you would like to be provided a treatment plan outlining the cost of your pet's care at any time. A deposit may be required for surgery or hospitalization upon admittance. Full payment is due upon the conclusion of care for each in-patient and out-patient services.

Sedation and Anesthesia Consent Form
I,   , hereby authorize Lafayette Veterinary Care Center to administer sedatives and/or anesthetics to my pet:  
Should you choose, the following services are available to your pet while under sedation or anesthesia:


Following the receipt of this form, we will prepare an estimate for you outlining the predicted cost of services. Please be prepared to sign this at the hospital front desk at check in OR call to arrange completing this by phone BEFORE dropping off you pet. Estimates not only outline the cost, they also confirm all the services you are approving for your pet.

Anesthesia & Risks

By completing and signing this document, I understand that during the performance of the foregoing procedure or surgery, unforeseen conditions may be revealed that necessitate an extension of the procedure or surgery, or of different procedures than those set forth above. Therefore, I hereby consent to, and authorize, the performance procedures or surgeries as deemed necessary by the veterinarian. I have been advised as to the nature of the procedure(s) or surgery and the risks involved. I understand that results cannot be guaranteed. I understand that Lafayette Veterinary Care Center takes every precaution to reduce the risks involved with sedation, anesthesia and surgery for all pets. This includes repeating a physical examination, pre-anesthetic blood testing to evaluate your pet’s internal organ function and immune system, weighing a precisely calculating medications, placing an intravenous catheter and initiating fluid therapy, and monitoring them under anesthesia each manually (a person) and with anesthetic equipment. Although these precautions are known to significantly reduce the risks of anesthesia, some risks do still exist. Should any significant findings be found during your pet’s pre-anesthetic exam or blood-testing, we will call you immediately. Please remain available by phone and list a primary and secondary method of contact below.

Home Care & Pain Control

Because we care about your animal’s comfort and strongly believe that pain relief is important, additional pain medications will be provided, as needed, to control the level of your animal’s discomfort both after surgery and during their recovery at home. Would you prefer to take home (choose one):

Longer lasting injectable medications (specifically antibiotics) are options for some pets in place of oral medications, however on average, do cost more. Should you choose to assume the higher fee, would you like us to give your pets injections of their medications so you don’t have to do so at home?

Following surgery, many pets instinctively lick and groom their incision sites. To prevent this and allow optimal healing, we recommend an E-Collar (cone collar) to prevent this.

Is there any other pertinent information you’d like to share with us? i.e. illnesses or symptoms your pet is displaying, other services you are interested in receiving?

Following your pet’s procedure, we will call you in order of point of contact listed below: