Luxury Boarding

Book Your Pet’s Spot at our Boarding Facility

Luxury Boarding Basics

Luxury boarding at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center includes two daily meals, free-choice water, and tons of affection. Our luxury suites include a private yard, a plush bed, and a television. This boarding package is perfect for pets who are used to living a luxurious lifestyle, who have anxiety, or who may not be as active or social as other pets.

Expert Trainers and Staff

We employ highly experienced and well trained animal trainers as boarding staff, so you can rest assured that your pet is in the best hands possible. While your pet is staying with us, they will be handled by an expert staff that knows all about pet manners and behavior. Additionally, our facility is a great place for pets with behavioral issues, as our trainers can teach them positive manners and help them unlearn negative behavior.

Safety is a Priority

Safety is our number one priority here at Lafayette. Prior to boarding, we will perform a thorough examination on your pet to ensure they are healthy enough to be boarded. This ensures that pets do not bring diseases, infections, or parasites into the boarding facility. Additionally, the facility is sanitized regularly, so you can rest assured that your pet will remain healthy in our care.

Geriatric Boarding

Senior pets have unique needs, so we offer a unique boarding experience for them. Older pets are boarded in a private and quiet wing of the facility that includes a private exercise area just for senior pets. As is the case with all of the other pets, older pets will receive two daily meals, free-choice water, and lots of affection. Plus, senior pets are given one leash walk each day they are in our care.


We are dedicated to keeping the pets in our facility happy and anxiety-free. This is why our facility includes three large common play areas as well as one large recreation room for dogs and one for cats. Each of these recreation areas is staffed with expert pet trainers who ensure your pets stay safe and exhibit friendly pet manners.