Web Prices

  • Office Visit and Comprehensive Exam Fee$77.07

*Call for details and current specials on first Puppy or Kitten visit costs

Annual Wellness Exam and Standard Vaccines

  • Dog$208.82

includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccines, Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag.

We also offer the Canine Influenza Vaccination. This optional vaccination for the Canine Influenza Virus is recommended for all boarding pets and is available for an additional fee.

  • Cat$159.33

includes Comprehensive Physical Exam, Rabies, FELV, and FVRCP vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Screening and a city/parish license and tag


Out Patient Procedures

All procedure fees include pre-anesthetic exam, bloodwork, IV fluids, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, pain management, post-operative laser therapy, and post-operative care and hospitalization. All quoted prices are for routine care and are subject to change based on individual care needs.

Teeth Cleaning

  • Dogs$319.18
  • Cats$231.37

Spay (for Females)

  • Dogs$320.71
  • Cats$265.66

Neuter (for Males)

  • Dogs$266.80
  • Cats$163.72

Laser Declawing for Cats

Beginning at $315.02 for front feet declawing and related care. 
Prices may vary for combined services or front and back feet declawing. Please call for an individual quote.


$17.07 with a $21.41 registration fee


  • Dog Condos$30
  • Luxury Dog Suites$40
  • Bath on Boarding Departure$25 (Bath Only)
  • Cat Condos$18/day
  • Luxury Cat Suites$30/day
  • Exotic Pets*$10

*Must provide enclosure, bedding and food

**Multiple Pet Discounts for Boarding when sharing a single space:
2nd Pet- 20% off · 3rd Pet- 30% off · 4th Pet- 40% off

Grooming & Spa:

Spa Treatment- (includes bath, nail trim and ear cleaning)


  • Short Coat$32
  • Long Coat$42
  • 31-75:

  • Short Coat$42
  • Long Coat$52
  • 75+:

  • Short Coat$52
  • Long Coat$62
  • Nail Trim$20
  • Nail Trim and Polishing$22
  • Grooming and Haircutsavailable by quote

VIP Services:

Play Time

  • Dogs$11
  • Cats$5
  • Snacks$5
  • Treadmill Exercise$10


  • Kitty Daycare$15 per day
  • Doggie Daycare$23 per day

Doggie Daycare Discount Packages

  • 10 Punch Daycare Package$220
  • 20 Punch Daycare Package$420
  • 30 Punch Daycare Package$600
  • 60 Punch Daycare Package$1140

Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons$95.00 per lesson

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center