Wellness Exams

Wellness-ExamsLafayette Veterinary Care Center wants you to know that your pet can benefit greatly from a regular wellness exam no matter what age they are. What we do, essentially, is conduct a thorough physical examination and create a health profile for your pet.

All of your pet’s major organ systems will be examined and evaluated, and we will ask you a series of questions regarding your pet’s activities, behavior, appetite, habits and more. We can discuss anything that may be on your minds well as treatment options and testing that may be due.  Information that is collected from a wellness exam will do much to benefit your pet whether they are healthy or not. For example, we may detect early signs of illness or recommend something as simple as a specific diet.

We welcome any and all questions concerning your pet- that’s what we are here for and love to do!

Please take an active role in your pet’s health care today and call us to schedule a wellness exam. Lafayette Veterinary Care Center only wants the best for you and your pet.

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center