Senior Care

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center would like to remind you that pets age faster than humans. In fact, pets are considered “seniors” once they reach 7 years of age.  We would also like to remind you that as your pet ages, certain changes begin to take place. Their exercise habits, nutritional needs, and behavior can change throughout the course of their life. We know that it may be hard to tell whether your dog is simply aging or suffering from a medical problem.

We offer regular wellness visits throughout your pet’s entire life that can detect medical problems and gather important information concerning your pet’s health care. We will help you to understand all that you can about your pet’s aging process to better help protect your senior pet.

We encourage and welcome any questions that you may have concerning your senior pet. We highly recommend that your senior pet visit us for wellness examinations because this is the time in their life that they need the most attention and care.

We are proud to note that pets are living longer, healthier lives due to medical advancements that have been made.

Please call us today so that we may help you keep your old companion around even longer!

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center