Reproductive Services

LVCC is proud to be one of southwest Louisiana’s premiere reproductive centers. We understand how important extending your pet’s lineage is and we are prepared to help make that goal a reality.

Our Reproductive Services Include:

  • Dam & Sire Pre-Breeding Evaluations (+/- OFA Radiographs & Breed Specific Screenings)
  • Full Semen Analysis
  • Hormonal Assays to Determine Ideal Breeding Dates
  • Artificial Insemination using Collected Semen
  • Artificial Insemination using Shipped, Cooled Semen
  • Surgical Insemination
  • Planned Cesarean Sections
  • Overnight Whelping Observation
  • Mismate Management
  • Infertility Diagnostics

We understand breeding your pet can be an exciting yet nervous time so we are committed to helping take the stress and uncertainty out of the process. Please call us today to schedule a reproductive consultation.

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center