Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is here for you and your pet throughout every stage of their life. It’s very sad, but we understand that our pets won’t be with us forever. If you have a pet who is terminally ill or suffering in any way, we are here for you.

Saying goodbye to your pet is perhaps one of the toughest things that owners will have to do in their life. Deciding when to say goodbye to your pet seems unimaginable. Sometimes, though, the pet you love is experiencing so much pain and suffering that euthanasia is the best option that you have. Because euthanasia is a controversial subject, we recommend that this medical procedure be discussed. We know how tough this situation is and we are whole-heartedly here for you.

Our professional team is compassionate, caring, and ready to help you through this dark time. We offer hospice services and guarantee that we will be with you every aching step of this process to ensure your pet’s comfort and dignity during their final moments. Any comments, questions, and requests that you have for us are completely welcome. We are here to help you with everything during this unfortunate time. We understand that this discussion is very tough, very private, and very personal. Our hospice and euthanasia services are conducted with compassion, care, and respect.


Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is here so that you don’t have to go through this alone. Please don’t hesitate to call and talk to us if your pet is suffering in any way.

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center