At Lafayette Veterinary Care Center, we can now perform minimally invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures on your pet.  This service, which is typically only available at referral centers, is one of the most advanced tools in veterinary medicine and allows us to provide superior care to your pets.  Endoscopy is the use of a long, flexible tube that has a video camera to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract.  With this equipment, we can take biopsies and/or remove foreign objects from the stomach or intestinal tract. Laparoscopy uses a camera to allow surgery to be performed through a much smaller incision than conventional surgery.
Endoscopic techniques can be used to facilitate a wide variety of veterinary treatments such as:

  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy addresses issues in the stomach and intestines by removing foreign object, detecting lesions, and biopsying tumors.
  • Colonoscopy is used to examine and take biopsies from the colon.
  • Bronchoscopy is the technique used to examine and acquire samples from the respiratory tract.
  • Cystoscopy allows for biopsy acquisition and treatment of the bladder in female dogs
  • Rhinoscopy is a technique for exploring and treating the nose and throat
  • Vaginoscopy allows for the visual examination of the reproductive tract and associated issues
  • Laparoscopy is the minimally invasive surgical technique used to perform laparoscopic spays, organ biopsies, and gastropexies (attaching the stomach to the belly wall to prevent rotation of the stomach).
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
Lafayette Veterinary Care Center