The Lafayette Veterinary Care Center is no stranger to bad dog breath. More than just an unpleasant commonality, your pet’s bad breath may possibly indicate signs of dental disease. This is a very serious matter, as infections in your pet’s mouth may worsen and spread to other major parts of the body. This is very painful for pets, but they are instinctively programmed to hide pain and sickness so you may never realize what your pet is going through.

The doctors at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center want to do all that they can to ensure your pet has a long and healthy life. Pets don’t get to take care of their teeth everyday like we do so it comes as no surprise that they begin building up plaque and tartar at an early age. We recommend that you begin your pet’s dental cleanings at about one year of age. We at the Lafayette Veterinary Care Center offer professional dental cleaning. This is the process in which we scale the teeth, check for any abnormalities or damages, measure the gum lines for pockets, radiograph any suspicious teeth for abscesses, make any extractions, then polish and do a fluoride treatment all with the aid of anesthesia to ensure both safety and a great job.

Besides arranging dental appointments, there are many things that you can do for your pet’s dental hygiene. We recommend feeding your pet prescription diet Purina D/H. This food is scientifically proven to reduce plaque accumulation. Please feel free to ask us anything about your pet’s dental care- we will be glad to help instruct you on certain procedures and products that can be useful.

Click here to see our YouTube video on “The Before & After’s of Professional Dental Care“.



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