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16 November 2017

5 Symptoms that Indicate a Very Sick Cat

These subtle symptoms are very telling you’re your cat maybe ill or suffering with a disease that could end in crisis.  If you are recognizing any of the following symptoms in your cat, we need to see them ASAP.  Call our office at 337-984-7611.  Our team is available to assist you 24/7 during your time of need.

  1. Change in Appetite or Eating Habits or Weight Change

Suddenly eating too much or too little could be a sign of disease.  Cats are pretty consistent creatures and often don’t give much warning sign of illness.  Sudden, unexpected weight changes in cats are very serious and telling signs of thyroid disease and cancers.


  1. Behavior/Sleep Change

Whether they are no longer getting along with other household pets, not tolerating certain routines or hiding, or not sleeping through the night when they used to, consider these to abnormal and signs of illness in your cat.  Additionally alarming is when a chatty or vocal cat becomes quiet or vice versus when a quiet cat begins to suddenly vocalize or howl.


  1. Stinky Breath

An odor coming from your cats mouth is likely a sign of gum disease or tooth decay.  This hurts and is very serious due to risks of infection.


  1. Activity Changes

Sudden increases or decreases in activity could indicate overactive thyroid, arthritis or pain.


  1. Changing in Grooming Habits

Dull looking hair, our a greasy coat, matted or knotted hair, flaky skin, etc. are all signs that your cat isn’t grooming themselves which is very out of a character for these clean animals.  Let any of the above be a symptom to you that something isn’t right and your cat might be sick and in need of medical attention from your veterinarian.

Because cats are masters and concealing disease, we recommend cat parents to be proactive at presenting details of symptoms you recognize at home. Typically once a cat starts showing symptoms to their human parents, crisis is near so don’t delay. In cats, small issues can become life threatening in a matter of hours depending on what’s going on.   Be sure to monitor your seemingly healthy cat regularly and report changes to your veterinarian as all information helps when dealing with a sick kitty.

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