Boarding Form

So we may provide you with exceptional service, please share information about your pet's needs while boarding with us. Please note that this is not a boarding request form. Please call our office at 337-984-7611 to schedule your boarding reservation. Also, a boarding contract will be prepared for you to sign at admission to boarding. This form is supplemental to the fore mentioned contract and is intended to provide specific instruction if necessary.  *Please complete one form per pet.   

Contact Information

Client Name:
Pet Name:
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Please list your contact information so we may contact you if necessary while you are away:
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Care Instructions

OWN FOOD *Pets are fed our preferred kennel diet, Purina EN, once daily, in the morning, unless otherwise requested. There is no additional charge to feed your pet's their own diet, however you must provide us with an adequate amount and detailed instructions below. If you have more than one pet boarding together in the same, shared space, please indicate to us whether they should be separated for feedings based on their different dietary needs or to prevent any food based competitions or fights between your pets.

Name of Food:
Amount to feed daily:
Special feeding instructions:


*Please note that there is also a small fee for administering medications based on the number of doses per day. List medications and instructions below and indicate whether these med.

Rx (1) Dosage: No. of times/day:
Rx (2) Dosage: No. of times/day:
Rx (3) Dosage: No. of times/day:
Rx (4) Dosage: No. of times/day:

Please select from our menu of ancillary services to purchase for your pet during their stay:
VIP Snack (Milk bone coated in Peanut Butter, Sprinkled with Beneful)?$4.50 per dayDaily VIP Playtime $10.50 per 15 minute sessionEvery-other-day (Holidays excluded) VIP Playtime? $10.50 per 15 minute sessionSpa Treatment: Pedicure, Ear Cleaning, Whirlpool bath and dry? Fee quoted based on size and hair coatPedicure (Nail Trim)? $18Brush Teeth? $6Daily Brush Hair Coat - 8$Every-other-Day (Holidays excluded) Brush Hair Coat - 8$ (per session)

Additional Instructions:

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